Organic Rose Tisane

The timeless, universal symbol of beauty…. in a bottle.  

Organic Hibiscus Tisane

Bold scarlet petals, rich with exciting tartness and powerful antioxidants.

Organic Lavender Tisane

The classic tisane.  Calming aroma and legendary, charming taste. 

Organic Palm Flower Soda

Luscious blossoms of the palm tree yield royal, nourishing nectar. 

Organic Rose Tisane

Strong yet lovely, majestic yet simple, the rose has always ravished our hearts.  With a taste as legendary as its scent, as well as health benefits that would make even tea leaves blush, the rose has been prized worldwide throughout history as beautiful, healing nourishment.  Encounter the delicious, vitality-enhancing side of history’s most beloved flower in this epic, matchless Rose Tisane.  Authentically-brewed, perfectly aromatic, and delicately, respectfully sweetened.  Stop, smell, and drink the roses.
Finest Ingredients

100% pure natural spring water, organic damask rose buds, organic damask rose water, organic stevia leaf, citric acid.

Health and Vitality

We’re passionate about the nutritive value of flowers!  “Nutritive value” is defined as the value of foods in sustaining human existence by such processes as support the body’s structure or function.  Simply put, it is how flowers naturally nourish you.

 Rosa Damascena
Rose Phytonutrients.
Flavonols: One of the most powerful polyphenolic scavengers of free radicals.
Rose is on the USDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.

Renowned among humans for the world’s most beautiful, exquisite fragrance, the pollinator-friendly Damask Rose also allures pollinators like bees, ants, butterflies, and even hummingbirds!

Royal renown:
It is recorded that “Roses were often, in the days of chivalry, worn by cavaliers at tournaments as an emblem of their devotion to love and beauty,” and “the Roman generals who had achieved any remarkable victory were permitted to have roses sculptured on their shields.” (Plantae Utiliores, 1842)
Year 1612 A.D.: Royal fountains and an entire canal were filled with rose-water for Princess Nourmahal in celebration of her marriage to Emperor Djihanguyr.  It is recorded that the couple’s “chief pleasure ” was sailing together in the canal.
Year 40 B.C.: Cleopatra, who prized the rose and its aroma, had the floors of the palace covered with rose petals (half a meter deep) and had the sails of her ships soaked in rose-water.

Organic Hibiscus Tisane

Bold scarlet petals rich with exciting tartness and powerful antioxidants.  By authentically-brewing organic Hibiscus petals in pure spring water, we capture the natural wonders of this flower: unique tart flavor, amazing health benefits, and it’s naturally epic color. Free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, added sugars, agave, and mysterious “natural flavors.” Royally beautiful refreshment – pure & simple.  Petality’s Organic Hibiscus Tisane.

Finest Ingredients

100% pure natural spring water, organic Hibiscus petals, organic Hibiscus distillate, organic stevia leaf

Health & Vitality

We’re passionate about the nutritive value of flowers!  “Nutritive value” is defined as the value of foods in sustaining human existence by such processes as support the body’s structure or function.  Simply put, it is how flowers naturally nourish you.

THE HIBISCUS FLOWER: Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Hibiscus Phytonutrients
-Anthocynanins (the beneficial polyphenols also in red wine)

Hibiscus is credited with:
-Helping maintain total, LDL, and HDL cholesterol levels already within a healthy range.
-Helping maintain blood pressure levels already within a healthy range.

What others are saying about Hibiscus:
Hibiscus: Better than Tea
Hibiscus: More antioxidants than Green Tea

-Hibiscus is on the USDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.
-Dear expectant mothers: Congratulations! We are so happy for you!  As with all herbal products, we encourage you to do your research before integrating it into your diet. Herbal Tea & Pregnancy.


Hibiscus sabdariffa is pollinator-friendly, attracting a wide variety of pollinators like hummingbirds, butterflies (like Monarchs), and bees.

Royal renown:
Hibiscus tisanes were the choice of Pharaohs in Egypt, coping with the desert heat.

Organic Lavender Tisane

The classic tisane. Be enraptured by this authentic infusion of freshly-brewed, charming lavender flowers in crystal clear spring water.  Prized through the ages for its healing beauty, lavender disarms yet heartens us with relentless elegance.  Bestowing its epic, captivating aroma, perfect floral sweetness, and taste as unforgettable as a dew-drenched run through French hills, this legendary elixir fosters a calm, clear mind and weaves a graceful garland to life’s adventure.
Finest Ingredients
Coming soon!
Health & Vitality

We’re passionate about the nutritive value of flowers!  “Nutritive value” is defined as the value of foods in sustaining human existence by such processes as support the body’s structure or function.  Simply put, it is how flowers naturally nourish you.

THE LAVENDER FLOWER: Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender Phytonutrients
Rosmarinic acid. A phenolic acid (also found in oregano and rosemary) with powerful free-radical scavenging abilities.
Tannins. The characteristically astringent polyphenol in grapes, walnuts, and chocolate, tannins plays a role in plant immunology and can assist the body’s natural process of maintaining cell integrity again oxidative damage.

-Lavender is on the USDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) list.  On your spice rack, it is found in authentic Herbs de Provence.
-Dear expectant mothers: Congratulations! We are so happy for you!  As with all herbal products, we encourage you to do your research before integrating it into your diet. Herbal Tea & Pregnancy.


Lavender is especially pollinator-friendly, highly cherished by a multitude of pollinators, including butterflies and honey bees.  Called by the Royal Horticultural Society “perfect for pollinators.”

Royal renown:
Year 1558 A.D.: Queen Elizabeth I, coping with the pressures of life, habitually relied on her favorite lavender tisane to soothe her mind and calm her body.
Year 33 A.D.: Also called “spikenard,” Lavender was used to make expensive ointments, like the one poured on the head of Jesus Christ, recorded in John 12:3.

Organic Palm Flower Soda

Luscious blossoms of the palm tree yield royal, nourishing nectar.  On display is organic palm flower nectar: the natural, low-glycemic, unrefined nectar bursting with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  This “most sustainable sweetener in the world” is hand-harvested in Java by age-old techniques on co-op owned farms.  Petality’s one-of-a-kind tropical soda has a naturally creamy flavor and replenishes electrolytes.  It’s a pleasure as simple as a day at the beach.  Experience the world’s only organic Palm Flower Soda…Blossom!

Finest Ingredients
Coming soon!
Ingredient Source
  • Organic Palm Flower Nectar: Co-op owned farms on the island of Java.
Percent of Fructose in…
  • Palm Flower Nectar 10%
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup 55%
  • Agave 90%


Palm Flower nectar is pollinator-friendly, naturally supporting bees who enjoy the excess nectar and thereby increase honey production.  “Incidentally, tapping palm trees will also always offer an easy source of sugar for bees which will tend to spontaneously harvest all wasted sugar. Honey production is therefore increased in areas where palm trees are tapped” (FAO).

Year 1939 A.D.: “The juice of the coconut tree can be transformed into a sugar as soft as honey… Nature created this product such that it could not be processed in factories. Palm sugar can only be produced in palm tree habitats. Local populations can easily turn the nectar into coconut blossom sugar. It is a way to solve the world’s poverty. It is also an antidote against misery.” (Gandhi 3.5.1939)

Petality’s beautiful ingredients

Petality is passionate about selecting and using only the finest, most beautiful ingredients.  Our beverages are completely free of GMOs and meet the high standards for USDA ORGANIC certification.  Ultimately, this is all better for:

  • the growers (who are not exposed to toxic pesticides/herbicides/fungicides),
  • the earth (because the earth, birds, bees, and butterflies are not endangered or polluted with toxic chemicals), and
  • you (because you enjoy the world’s purest, finest, authentically-crafted floral beverage).

Petality’s beautiful processes

Petality: More than just beautiful products.  Beautiful processes. Petality also refuses to take shortcuts in the processes we use.  When faced with the option to cut corners and commercialize more rapidly, we have chosen rather to focus on providing people with the best floral beverages – period.  This is a sacrifice for us and sets us apart in an age of tea concentrates and extracts. But we think you will appreciate it.  We do.  In the end, we offer customers not merely a product, but the meaningful, natural process we use. Unlike most drinks on the market, you could actually make a Petality tisane or soda at home!  They are truly that simple!  We make our tisanes by actually brewing our flowers in natural spring water, just like you can do in your kitchen.  In fact, that’s how we came up with our recipes.  We brew Rose buds and petals, Lavender flowers, and Hibiscus petals.  The result is an aromatic and flavorful experience unlike any other! For our Rose Tisane and Hibiscus Tisane, we also then add organic Rose and Hibiscus distillates, respectively.  These are simple, classic “flower waters” you can make at home by using ancient processes: boiling petals and capturing the aromatic steam (the distillate).  We very lightly and respectfully sweeten our brews with organic stevia leaf (and organic cane sugar in our classic Organic Lavender Tisane) to achieve the perfect floral sweetness.  Organic Rose Tisane and Organic Hibiscus Tisane have zero added sugar.  We refuse to add excessive sugars!  Sometimes we bestow a relative fairy pinch of natural citric or malic acid to protect flavor – both which can naturally be found in fruits and herbs, including roses.  We don’t add artificial flavors or even the popular yet mysterious “natural flavors.” We don’t add artificial colors or even natural colors like berries or beet juice.  We don’t add artificial preservatives like synthetic ascorbic acid.  We bottle on the spot and get it to you for the very lowest price we can; in a market of cheap compromise, we want to provide an affordable luxury!

That’s our process!  Simple.  Like the flowers.

Contact the companies who make the foods and drinks you choose; their phone numbers or emails are often on the packaging and website. Confirm which processes they use; after all….you are consuming their product…that’s personal.  Not all beverages called “brewed” are actually brewed with the process with which you are familiar – many use solvents to “freshly brew” their plants into concentrates/extracts which are mixed into water later.  If it’s important to you to know what type of product you are buying and exactly what you are putting into your body, a few minutes of research is worth it! It may also leave you surprised! We were surprised!  If you have any questions about our products or processes – please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Distillation is an age old process you can do at home by capturing the steam from your brew.  It’s a process we use for our Organic Hibiscus Tisane, because the distillate further expresses the Hibiscus aroma and taste in a way we appreciate and think you will too. A distillation apparatus seen above in Hieronymus Brunschwig’s Liber de arte Distillandi de Compositis (Strassburg, 1512) [Picture used unchanged, thanks to Chemical Heritage Foundation.].  You don’t have to do your distillation exactly like this, but it sure adds that something extra.

Petality is for the senses.


Petality beverages taste beautiful.  Imagine a drink that tastes as good as flowers smell.  Who hasn’t been captivated if not intoxicated by the smell of flowers?  Petality captures those enchanting aromatic pleasures in the euphoric taste experience for which your tongue has long been jealous.  Prepare for a truly new flavor experience that’s nearly as old as time.


Petality beverages smell beautiful.  When was the last time you were captivated by the smell of your beverage?  Surely there are no more prized smells on Earth than those of flowers.  As almost all people, we are thrilled by their fragrances.  That’s why we set out to showcase the aromas that have enraptured humanity throughout history. We are passionate about the amazing vitality boosting powers of flowers and their aromas!


Petality beverages look beautiful.  The natural, legendary hues of each brewed flower grace each bottle.  We never add any colors – artificial or natural.  We believe that the colors which naturally result from brewing each unique flower are part of the epic experience of a Petality tisane.  We also enjoy the vintage look of our premium glass bottles.


Petality beverages feel beautiful.  Enjoy the crisp, clean, natural, and refreshing feel of Petality tisanes.  We don’t prefer the thick, syrup-y feel of most teas on the market which are heavily sweetened with sugar or corn syrup, or the “cold” chemical feel of beverages which try to achieve low calories with sugar alcohols.  Experience the gentle bubbles of Petality’s Palm Flower Soda.  Feel flowers with mouth, tongue, and every taste bud.  Even further, enjoy the aesthetic experience of a clean, label-less bottle.  No paper, plastic, or BPA under your touch – just smooth glass printed with non-toxic, organic inks.

Our commitment to Water Quality.

In all the marketing of new beverages, you hear a lot of hype about this or that ingredient. But what you don’t hear about is…..the water!  (Unless, of course, that’s the product itself.)  We passionately believe that a drink is no better than the water that is in it!  After all, water is the main ingredient of most drinks and the sources we’ve read say it’s what makes up 50-65% of our body!  Why hydrate yourself with impure unnatural water?  Our first consideration in crafting our drinks is water quality.  Drinking naturally pure water is a desire we  have in our personal lives, and we wouldn’t feel right offering our customers anything less.  Spring water is pure, naturally mineralized, and unflouridated. In our personal lives, we made the switch to drinking spring water instead of unfiltered tap water, so it was natural for us to source water for our drinks from a natural spring.  While other companies stop at using “water,” “purified water,” or “filtered water,” (all of which can contain yucky and even harmful chemicals and lack the naturally occurring minerals and ions as found in nature) we feel strongly about using only 100% natural spring water.  That way, the same Earth that yields our fresh flowers is also the supply of our water.  The result is a pure, crisp, hydrating and vitality-boosting beverage.

Why no Natural Flavors?

“Natural flavors” are an anomaly of modern food and beverage – they are often like a man behind the curtain to which we are to pay no attention.  A “natural flavor” like “natural cherry flavor” is not the same as “cherry” or “cherry extract.”  “Natural flavor” is a term of art which refers to anything found in the created universe.  What is a “natural flavor?” Pretty much anything.  Really… What we find sad is how misleading that label “natural flavor” can be.  The average, thirsty, health-conscious consumer may look at a drink which contains only “natural flavors” and say “Great! All natural!” – and such a conclusion is not unreasonable based on the label.  That’s how we had always looked at it.  But what consumers are not made aware of is that “natural flavors” are not always normal.  The problem is: such a label keeps consumers 100% unware of what they are actually consuming.  As a hypothetical, mold and mud are 100% “natural” so if they taste like bananas, they are “natural banana flavors”….you get the idea. We first learned about all this after reading this article by Dr. Mercola. All this to say, we’d like to point out that “natural flavors” are not necessarily something you want to consume. And it certainly is not always the most transparent way to communicate with the trusting public. At Petality, we don’t need or want any unnamed mystery flavors! We are fully confident in our products – flowers – and we want you to taste them in all their natural beauty!

No artificial preservatives.

Many companies, even those which profess to produce authentic all-natural, healthy products, do not hesitate to use wholly man-made, synthetic chemicals as preservatives.  Synthetic ascorbic acid is often one such chemical.  A synthetic version is used for purely monetary reasons – it’s cheaper and it preserves longer than citric acid, allowing a longer shelf-life and easier distribution. Ascorbic acid when man-made is neither natural nor healthy – in fact, it reduces health and vitality – an idea which makes us cringe.  We first learned about this super common synthetic preservative after reading this article from  This site is also interesting.  You have our word: we will never use artificial preservatives, including synthetic ascorbic acid.

Citric acid and malic acid are two natural ways to protect the flavor and freshness of our organic flower tisanes and soda.  Citric acid (think oranges) and malic acid (think apples) are natural components of numerous fruits.  In fact, both are found naturally in rose petals!

Petals. Vitality.