Our Mission:

Logo-for-web-final---no-background-biggerpassionately leads the world in the complete, daily enjoyment of flowers.

With the highest standards of integrity and transparency, we capture flowers’ extravagant, alluring beauty and unlock their revitalizing benefits in the world’s finest, most authentic organic floral beverages – all while championing pollinators.  We showcase flowers through the age-old art of fully enjoying them with one’s senses, and we do so in a fresh, innovative, and respectful way that fosters vitality.  This is the result of our exploring the world to find and share the floral treasures which have been planted on Earth for a purpose.

Why Flowers?


Flowers already enrich our lives in many meaningful ways.  They are a universal symbol of love, beauty, compassion, celebration, affection, cheer, honor, victory, and life.  Yet we believe the role of flowers in our lives, though monumental, is far too scarcely enjoyed.  Let us explain.

You have seen the power of flowers in many life scenes.

The breathtakingly beautiful array of a bride.  The legendary token of romance.  The universal cheer and comfort during sickness or grief. The affectionate gift of a child. The victory trophy in a winner’s circle. The celebratory gesture of praise. The enchanting encounter in a wilderness.  The simple pleasure at a park or market.  

These are only some of the ways in which humanity is fortunate to partake of the incalculable value of flowers.  And we count ourselves privileged to do so.  But what if that privileged experience touched your day-to-day life? What if the inspiration that flowers bring didn’t fade with each bouquet, but was as fresh and alive in your heart as a new bloom every day?  What if you truly took the time in life to stop…and smell…and drink…the flowers?  What if the wildernesses and gardens of the world were unlocked to you…. and you entered them?

CD rose in hand

The treasures of flowers await you. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Petals. Vitality.

Uncommon Values

Beauty Matters

Many cultures around the world recognize that “newer,” “bigger,” and “better” is not always “best.”  Sure, in our modern age we can buy bouquets of genetically, chemically, and visually “flawless” flowers at a local store, but have you ever had the superior delight of stumbling upon the little flowers in a valley, mountain, or forest……flowers which no other mortal has enjoyed?  We recognize that naturally beautiful, humanly artistic, and thoughtfully aesthetic designs and recipes add an unquantifiable value to our everyday lives. That is why Petality beverages contain only their natural colors and are captured using pleasant glass bottles.  You will find our company, our values, and our products as simple and elegant as the flowers we put on display.  We desire to foster the role of beauty in everyday life.

All are created equal.

We are all human.  The complete enjoyment of flowers is a remarkably human experience from which every person benefits.  Where there is inability to personally explore, cultivate, and harvest the beautiful and healthy blessings found in nature, Petality was created to bring the pleasures and benefits of the world’s flowers to…well…the world.


Vitality Matters

We believe that vitality matters.  Our health and wellness are some of the most impactful elements of our day-to-day life.  Yet, sadly, even though we live in an age of supposed advancements, a closer look reveals that we are not as advanced as we thought.  Most “natural” products can still contain chemicals and ingredients which decrease overall health.  Even most “healthy” options are simply labeled as such because their ingredients are not man-made and because they are comparing themselves to obviously unhealthy options, not because they truly support one’s vitality.  We are committed to the lifelong pursuit and practice of the highest principles of health and vitality.  We will only give the world that which we would want for our own bodies.


All are created different

We are all unique. Our individuality warrants more attention than for corporations to merely offer us our drink “sweet or unsweet.”  Some like tangy.  Some like delicate. We cannot all be fit into the marketing plans of distant corporations whose response to our inherent individuality is only to offer us a different color or flavor of syrup in our drink.  Petality exists not to create new versions of old products, but to craft wellness products that are fundamentally different and unique from top to bottom…..because flowers….and you…. are too.


No Compromise

In a world of exploitation of all kinds, we refuse to compromise on our values, our mission, and our commitment to serving our customers as we would want to be served.  Our commitment to never…ever…compromise on using only the finest ingredients (in the most appropriate amounts) is a commitment we think that you, and eventually everyone, will appreciate.  This rock solid commitment is also what sets us apart from other companies.  Our own rigorous, evidence-based research supports the creation of our products. We simply refuse to take the easy route of anything artificial, ugly, or degrading (ex: high levels of sugar, conventional or GMO ingredients, aesthetically empty packaging, poor quality water, and marketing which bewilders, manipulates, and carries philosophical baggage).


The People behind Petality

John Burkhardt

“The Visionary.”
Petality Co-Founder, President,
Steward of Leadership.

Petality blossomed out of providence, a passion for beauty, and a discontent with the status quo.


Alecia Burkhardt

“First Lady of Petality”

Andrea Burkhardt

“The Vintage.”
Petality Co-Founder, Vice President,
Stewardess of Finance.

Flowers are special gifts that have a way of compelling us to be still to behold the creative variety, beauty, and extravagance of God. Petality invites everyone to enjoy flowers in a new way and taste their healthful benefits from within!


Our Story

The bud of Petality was slowly unfolding for years before the company’s founding as the Co-Founders (and siblings) John and Andrea traveled their own personal journeys of life, discovery, adventure, and health.  Trips to Asia and Europe played an important role in enlightening the brother and sister to the universal wonder and purpose of flowers. Even growing up in the U.S., they were increasingly captivated by the the beauty, design, and miracle of flowers.

As a 15-year-old tea connoisseur, John remembers sitting on the porch watching the sun rise with a hot cup of green tea and wondering, “why isn’t everybody enjoying authentic tea by the bottle?”  Shortly after, the American bottled tea market exploded.  But still, all he saw in the marketplace was unhealthy, ugly, commercialized versions of tea.

Years passed and, like a dawning Spring season, the siblings began to discover the beauty of flowers in culinary form.  John saw the opportunity to “steep” into a whole new world of brewed enjoyment.  No longer were the options merely “black,” “green,” or “white” versions of the exact same leaf.  Now all the gardens, valleys, jungles, and mountains of the world seemed to unlock to a rainbow of flowers yielding unique health benefits, legendary flavors, captivating aromas, and epic colors.  Purple! Scarlet!  Pink! Yellow!  Not only that, but John and Andrea discovered a rich history of flower tisanes as the beverages of royalty around the world.  Then the reality set in: the world as they knew it needed a proper reintroduction to flowers.


So, in the summer of 2013, it was a natural thing for John and Andrea to establish Petality in order to “passionately lead the world in the complete, daily enjoyment of flowers.” They began by deepening their research into floral nutrition and overall health and vitality.  Acquiring every beverage they could with even trace floral ingredients – they soon learned that a lack of authenticity and health pervaded.  They could not find one beautiful, authentically-brewed, organic flower tisane anywhere on Earth!

Since true brewing was so rare in the marketplace – how would they bring authentically-brewed flower tisanes to the world?


Another brew of rose…. seeking the perfect balance of aroma and taste.

John, his wife Alecia, and Andrea embarked on their journey to respectfully capture the beauty of flowers in authentic organic beverages.  They were guided by the goal of crafting beverages that taste, look, smell, and feel as beautiful as flowers do.  They studied flowers diligently. They began acquiring different flowers.  Then began the many…many attempts to capture the perfect, delicate, yet bold personality of flowers (affectionately called “brew fests”).  Brew time?… amount of petals?…which petals?…how much water?…the questions filled the kitchen.  With passion and persistence they steeped and brewed, tasted and smelled, day and night. For months. Out from the steam emerged Petality’s first recipes.

And the adventures of Petality have only just begun.


A bouquet of flavor and health.