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“My sister and I co-founded Petality, the world’s only organic flower beverage company, to passionately lead the world in the complete, daily enjoyment of flowers.  Flowers add unquantifiable and irreplaceable benefit to people’s lives, and their value extends far beyond appearance.  The beautiful flavors, aromas, and health benefits of flowers have been celebrated throughout history and around the world.  So, with a purist, vitality-oriented approach, we’re boldly yet gracefully showcasing the natural beauty of organic flowers in aromatically and flavorfully stunning “tisanes” for the health-conscious and in the world’s first Organic Palm Flower soda (based on nutritious and highly-sustainable Coconut Palm Flower nectar).  The results of Petality’s epic endeavor are beautiful, even crave-able sensory and health experiences unlike anything available on the market. And they also meet every important criteria of our time through what we call “Petality’s 20 Distinctives,” viewable on our website.  Ultimately, we’re championing the cause of pollinators by driving demand for organic flowers which support pollinator populations currently on the decline as a result of pesticide use.  Thus has Petality embarked on a world-changing journey to share the world’s most beautiful beverages.”

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John Burkhardt
Petality Co-Founder & President