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Time to bloom.

Time to bloom.

The time has come for the world’s first and only organic flower beverage company to bloom.

Ever has there been a story told worth telling where the adventure to unfold was fully known from the beginning?

I don’t believe so.  Not known by us, that is.

Though buds may whisper promises of beauty yet to come, my heart can scarcely take it in when the promises are done.  Glory concealed is always out-shined by glory revealed, and so the future in our time-bound world always leaves me breathless in view of the providential past.  And humbled.

Hi. My name is John Burkhardt, and that’s a glimpse into my life. It’s also a glimpse into the beginnings of something special.  I’m humbled to be writing now in the future we have awaited for quite a time.  With this post to our blog and the publishing of our website is the official debut of our company: Petality.

Petality is the world’s first and only organic flower beverage company.  It’s quite a claim, I realize, but nonetheless: we are thrilled to unveil the world’s finest flower tisanes and flower soda.    You can read twenty of our reasons for making this claim with such confidence here.  But even more, we think your experience with the drinks themselves will leave you in wholehearted agreement.

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the culinary enjoyment and amazing benefits of flowers.  That’s alright!  Before our adventures began, we weren’t either!  Welcome! It will be our pleasure to guide you.

Or, perhaps you are familiar with a more full experience of flowers.  If so, surely you’d agree that it is a sizable realm for exploration and growth!  Welcome!  Let’s explore together!  It has been our aim to display flowers as you’ve known they should be.

Either way, surely you have been struck throughout your life at the beauty of flowers.  And either way, we aim to serve you a most exquisite, and full experience of this world’s floral treasures in a way that will captivate and inspire.

In a world of apathy, compromise, and even recklessness towards things that really do matter, our hearts are discontent with the status quo (“the way things are”).  But it’s not discontentment that ultimately drives us on in creating the world’s most epic and beautiful drinks.  Discontentment drives us away from doing this venture as many companies would.  It is a passion for true beauty and ultimately for Him who is beauty’s exclusive well-spring which drives us personally.

There is not currently an organization that we feel is showcasing flowers as they can and should be.  Petailty‘s mission is to do this and to do this rightly.  With all that we’ve learned and all we will continue to learn, we will be passionately leading the world in the complete, daily enjoyment of flowers.


Petality was a gift to us.  We’re excited to see if you feel the same.  As will be clear to all who stop and smell the roses, Petality is a very different sort of company.  That’s partly because we have very different motives, missions, and methods.

Along with my sister and fellow Co-Founder of Petality, Andrea, my wife (Alecia) and daughter (Annabelle), I am thrilled to introduce Petality to you.

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I’ll also briefly express how much we’d appreciate your sharing the cheer of Petality with those you know via social media as we seek to get the word out.  It would make a huge difference.

On behalf of Petality: Hello, world.  Cheers.

John Burkhardt
Petality Co-Founder, President, & Steward of Leadership

“The bud may have a bitter taste, but sweet will be the flower.” – William Cowper.

Andrea and John Burkhardt, Petality Co-Founders


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