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Petality: 2014 “Hottest Kitchen Challenge” Winner!

Petality: 2014 “Hottest Kitchen Challenge” Winner!


5e5e909bac14a870e68f18ba31bd1608We are pleased to announce that Petality won 1st Place in the 2014 “HottestKitchenChallenge!”  Judged by 6 accomplished food and beverage industry professionals, the competition was recently hosted in Indianapolis by sponsors Reliable Water Services and Ivy Tech Corporate College & Culinary Center.

Andrea and I shared with the judges our vision, our mission, and of course, our most beautiful beverages.  As we expected, the natural beauty of flowers swept the judges off their feet.  Criteria assessed were (1) taste (2) appearance (3) creativity and (4) marketability.  After sharing our beautiful Organic Flower Tisanes – authentically brewed and delicately sweetened – and the worlds only Organic Palm Flower Soda – nutritious and pure – Petality was announced winner.  We are humbled and very grateful.

In addition to receiving the collective confidence of the judges and witnessing the many smiling faces of those who tried our tisanes and soda, some of the best parts of the day were hearing the diverse stories of people who enjoyed Petality beverages after the competition…


For example, there was one gentleman who, as he enjoyed our beverages, recounted to us his experience growing up around authentic flower tisanes.  He smiled as he recalled the delicious hibiscus, jasmine, and chrysanthemum tisanes his mother, originally from China, would make.  I enjoyed his comment that, though much of the crowd seemed to think our beverages were novel, he was not surprised in the least to see us bringing such truly traditional flower beverages to the forefront.  From the experience of his upbringing, graced with the respectful traditions, health knowledge, and culture of his mother, he knew authentic flower beverages were a delight.

Another gentleman we met was originally from Columbia.  When approached our table, his intrigue was immediately apparent.  As he tasted each beverage, his reaction epitomized what we, Petality, want to foster: the rediscovery of flowers.  When we explained what he had already discerned, that our Organic Hibiscus Tisane is the result of our authentically brewing Hibiscus petals, he smiled.  The live Hibiscus flowers on our table, the dried Hibiscus petals in a bowl, and the fresh Hibiscus tisane in his hand all inspired him to share his story.

CD palm blossoms in huskGrowing up in Columbia, he saw beautiful Hibiscus flowers all the time.  He laughedwhen recounting how his friends and he even knew how to disassemble the flower into pieces for a game they played.  But, he said, he had never known Hibiscus flowers yielded such delicious beverages when brewed!  And when he saw the picture of palm blossoms on the Organic Palm Flower Soda bottle, he recounted his similar familiarity with those flowers and his equal surprise at the delicious nectar they yield!  It was a uniquely rewarding experience for us!  It is even humbling – that with Petality’s authentic organic flower beverages – we are reintroducing people to flowers with which they are far more familiar with us.

CD bee and lavenderWe were also excited to hear people’s understanding of our mission to champion pollinators.  Both sponsors of the competition voiced their awareness and concern about pollinators’ plight and their excitement to see us creatively addressing it.  It will be a joy to see many learn of pollinator’s cause, and many encouraged by our fellow commitment to it.

Ultimately, we look forward to stewarding the judge’s confidence as we lead the world in the complete, daily enjoyment of flowers.


When life gives you flowers.

When life gives you flowers.


My name is Andrea, co-founder of Petality along with my brother, John.  I am the Vice President and Stewardess of Finance for Petality, but I also help out however I can in many other ways, too!  I have a passion for what is truly beautiful, and flowers are one of the things that I believe God created for us to have a glimpse into His creative beauty.  Our beverages uniquely capture the essence of pure organic flowers, as we craft each drink to showcase the taste and smell of a single type of flower that has natural health benefits to offer.

CD Andrea & pirate

I was inspired to write my first blog post at the dawning of the garage sale-ing “season” several weekends ago…  Sometimes the most profound lessons are the simplest and often come through the examples of children.  As I was out visiting some local garage sales, I encountered two lemonadestands hosted by some budding young entrepreneurs.  That may sound fairly commonplace, but their passion and simple, genuine excitement to share their homemade lemonade resonated with me as I thought about Petality and enjoyed their beverages throughout the day.  I was reminded afresh of our own whole-hearted passion to share our refreshing, healthy, premium flower beverages.  My new friends were even kind enough to let me take my picture with them!

CD Andrea's friends 2


The thought of a simple lemonade stand has popped into my head quite a few times recently.  They involve the basics of developing your mission, gathering your resources, the production process, advertising, accounting for your gains and costs, and of course a necessary whole-hearted commitment to sit out under the hot sun all day for your cause!  And there’s no replacing the satisfaction or excitement of seeing people experience what you made.  Lemonade stands were one of my first real lessons about the marketplace as a child.

CD Andrea's friends


My brother and I have always teamed up through our youth to take on big challenges and have taken delight in great adventures.  Our zeal sometimes manifested itself in the form of good, old-fashioned lemonade stands, as in the picture below.  Even today, “yummy” is just as important to us now as it was then… and we are now combining it with our distinctive principles of health and nutrition.


I never thought that I would be where I am today, offering these most beautiful Petality beverages to the world.  I couldn’t ask for a better business partner and am blessed to have a part in the founding of this special (and what we believe will be a world-changing) brand.  We are simply joining up again… this time with our mission of inviting the world to stop and enjoy the beauty of flowers in everyday life through exciting, thoughtful, and healthy beverages.

Until next time… Cheers!


“How does the meadow flower its bloom unfold?
Because the lovely little flower is free
Down to its root, and in that freedom, bold.”
William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

Petality: “Champion of Pollinators”

Petality: “Champion of Pollinators”

As you say goodbye to another “National Pollinator Week” – say hello to an exciting new year of championing pollinators.

Hi everyone,

Good news! Though the plight of pollinators still remains, there is also an increasingly significant mobilization of efforts on their behalf.

CD Lav & bee

As you may know, Petality is a “Champion of Pollinators,” taking up their cause for both their good and ours.  Whether you care about pollinators as creatures, you feel the responsibility of stewardship, or you recognize the necessary eco-services pollinators provide to the human race, you have reason to take notice and take action on their behalf. We all do.

The importance of pollinators to our existence cannot easily be overstated. If you’re not up to speed on the role of pollinators, the crisis they face, and how it affects us, check out the “Champion of Pollinators” page of our website.  There you can also learn Petality’s Action Plan for championing pollinators.


With the coming and going of the 8th “National Pollinator Week,” check out this year’s Proclamation by the USDA and consider the reasons given for the national celebration.  If you missed National Pollinator Week, don’t worry.  Though it’s the week that the USDA asks Americans to “celebrate the vital significance of pollinators with appropriate observances and activities,” your involvement is still needed all year!  As the festivities wane – let the work of many begin and may the work of others continue.

Coming soon, I’ll begin sharing consolidated loads of resources for your knowledge and use. Educated action is the goal.  We’ll survey key facts to know and use when educating others, key organizations involved, and tangible ways you can personally champion pollinators.

Hope you have a truly beautiful day.


“How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour,
and gather honey all the day from every opening flower.
Isaac Watts

Andrea and John Burkhardt, Petality Co-Founders


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