Petality: “Champion of Pollinators”

Petality: “Champion of Pollinators”

As you say goodbye to another “National Pollinator Week” – say hello to an exciting new year of championing pollinators.

Hi everyone,

Good news! Though the plight of pollinators still remains, there is also an increasingly significant mobilization of efforts on their behalf.

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As you may know, Petality is a “Champion of Pollinators,” taking up their cause for both their good and ours.  Whether you care about pollinators as creatures, you feel the responsibility of stewardship, or you recognize the necessary eco-services pollinators provide to the human race, you have reason to take notice and take action on their behalf. We all do.

The importance of pollinators to our existence cannot easily be overstated. If you’re not up to speed on the role of pollinators, the crisis they face, and how it affects us, check out the “Champion of Pollinators” page of our website.  There you can also learn Petality’s Action Plan for championing pollinators.


With the coming and going of the 8th “National Pollinator Week,” check out this year’s Proclamation by the USDA and consider the reasons given for the national celebration.  If you missed National Pollinator Week, don’t worry.  Though it’s the week that the USDA asks Americans to “celebrate the vital significance of pollinators with appropriate observances and activities,” your involvement is still needed all year!  As the festivities wane – let the work of many begin and may the work of others continue.

Coming soon, I’ll begin sharing consolidated loads of resources for your knowledge and use. Educated action is the goal.  We’ll survey key facts to know and use when educating others, key organizations involved, and tangible ways you can personally champion pollinators.

Hope you have a truly beautiful day.


“How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour,
and gather honey all the day from every opening flower.
Isaac Watts

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